The VPH-Share Data Management Platform: Enabling Collaborative Data Management for the Virtual Physiological Human Community


The objective of the Virtual Physiological Human Initiative is to provide a systematic framework for understanding physiological processes in the human body in terms of anatomical structure and biophysical mechanisms across multiple length and time scales. The VPH-Share project, which has been funded in the context of the initiative, contributes to this vision, especially in terms of data management. In this paper we present the VPH-Share data management platform enabling sharing VPH-relevant datasets within the community on the basis of Cloud technologies. The data management platform aims at supporting the data management life-cycle but starting from already available data. The life cycle covers all processes from data selection, semantic data annotation, data integration, data publishing, and data access. Herein we describe the infrastructure supporting the data management life-cycle towards collaborative data management, consisting of the data publication suite and the dataset service environment.

In Eighth International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids (SKG), 2012, IEEE.