VPH-Share - Sharing for Healthcare

VPH-Share is building a safe, online facility in which medical simulation developers can produce workflows - chains of processing tasks - to allow raw medical data to be refined into meaningful diagnostic and therapeutic information. I have been the lead architect and developer of the VPH-Share data infostructure, a scalable and distributed data mediation engine transparently integrating data from multiple European hospitals.
European Commission, ICT-2009.5.3-269978, March 2011 - February 2015

VPH-Share data management platform (DMP)

The DMP facilitates data management in the VPH-Share project. The DMP supports the data providers with tools to select data to be exposed, semantically annotate the data and securely provide the data to the VPH community by hosting it in the VPH-Share Cloud environment and exposing it via web service, REST and Linked Data interfaces. The DMP has been successfully used over many years to manage and access data of multiple hospitals.