A demonstration of user driven and multi-criteria source selection will be presented at the ACM CIKM conference

Our paper on user driven multi-criteria source selection has been accepted in the Information Sciences Journal, Elsevier

Our paper on data context informed data wrangling has been accepted at IEEE Big Data'17

VADA demo paper accepted at SIGMOD'17

VADA: Value added data systems – principles and architecture

Cost-effective data wrangling processes need to ensure that data wrangling steps benefit from automation wherever possible. In this project, I work on the challenge of automating the steps in data wrangling by informing them with data context: data from the domain in which wrangling is taking place.
UK EPRSC project grant, April 2015 - March 2020

Started as research associate at University of Manchester in the VADA project

I started a new position at the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester to work on the VADA: Value Added Data Systems - Principles and Architectures. My main responsibilities will be research on data integration and wrangling at scale.